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The Ultimate Guide to Identifying Your Fitbit: How to Tell Which One You Own

Do you own a Fitbit but find it challenging to identify the specific model you have? Whether you’re new to the Fitbit world or unsure which exact model you own, in this blog post, we’ll help you identify your Fitbit model and show you how to navigate the various features and functions. Figuring out which Fitbit model you own may seem daunting, but with some simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to living a healthier, more active lifestyle. Keep reading to discover the ins and outs of identifying your Fitbit model and unlock its full potential.

Check the Device Itself

If you’re wondering which Fitbit you’ve got, the easiest way to check is to inspect the device itself. Models have unique physical characteristics that distinguish one from the other. One of the easily noticeable differences between models is the size.

The later models like Charge 3, Ionic, Versa, and Versa Lite have large touch screen displays, while older models have smaller displays. Another way to tell them apart is by their digital and analog interfaces. Newer models like Sense and Versa 3 have digital interfaces that make it easy to navigate and personalize your settings, while older models have buttons and a more basic interface.

To find out which specific model you have, check the underside of the device or the packaging it came with. The model name is usually printed there. By taking a closer look at the physical features of your Fitbit, you’ll be able to confirm which model you’re using and get the most out of your wearable.

Locate Model Number on Back

When it comes to finding the model number of your device, the easiest way is to simply check the back of the device itself. This is where most manufacturers tend to place their model number information, making it an easy and quick way to access it. Once you have located your device’s model number on the back, you can then use it to find the specific details you need about the device–such as troubleshooting guides or software updates–without having to search through endless pages of information.

So, the next time you need to find the model number of your device, don’t waste time searching through online resources: simply flip it over and check the back!

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Compare Device Size and Features

When it comes to comparing device size and features, the best way to do so is by checking out the device itself. It’s important to physically hold and interact with the device to get a real feel for its size and features. This way, you can determine if the device is comfortable to hold and if the features match your needs and preferences.

Additionally, you can compare multiple devices side by side to see how they stack up against one another. Don’t solely rely on pictures and descriptions online, as they may not accurately depict the size or feel of the device. It’s important to have hands-on experience to make an informed decision.

By testing out the devices, you can truly see what sets them apart and which one is the best fit for you.

Check Fitbit App

Are you unsure which Fitbit model you have? The easiest way to find out is by checking the Fitbit App. After opening the app, go to your account settings and select your device. The app should display the model name and number, allowing you to identify which Fitbit you own.

Additionally, each Fitbit model has unique features and capabilities that can help distinguish it. For example, some models track heart rate while others have built-in GPS. Knowing which model you have will help you better understand and utilize all the features your Fitbit has to offer.

So, if you’re ever in doubt about which Fitbit is yours, check the Fitbit App for a quick and easy answer.

Open the Fitbit App

The Fitbit app is an essential tool for tracking your activities and monitoring your fitness progress. To access the app, simply open it on your smartphone and check your dashboard for your daily stats. From the dashboard, you can view your step count, active minutes, calories burned, and other important metrics.

You can also set goals, track your food intake, and connect with friends to stay motivated and accountable. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or simply looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, the Fitbit app is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals. So why not open the app and take a look at your progress today? You might be surprised at what you can achieve with a little effort and the right tools at your fingertips.

Find Your Device on Dashboard

When you first get a Fitbit device, the first step is to connect it to the Fitbit app on your phone. Once you’ve done that, you can easily find your device on the dashboard of the app. All you have to do is open up the Fitbit app and make sure your device is nearby and turned on.

The app will automatically search for your device and connect to it. Once it’s connected, you’ll see your device on the dashboard of the app. This is where you can access all of your fitness stats, such as your steps taken, calories burned, and more.

You can also customize your device settings from here, such as setting alarms and reminders. If you ever have trouble finding your device on the dashboard, try restarting your phone and your device, or double-checking that Bluetooth is turned on. With just a few simple steps, you can easily find and connect to your Fitbit device on the Fitbit app and start tracking your fitness goals!

View Device Info for Model Number

If you’re looking to view device information for your Fitbit model, the easiest way to do so is by checking the Fitbit app. Once you’ve opened the app and logged in, simply tap on your profile icon in the top left corner of the screen. From there, select the device you want to view information for.

Here, you can view details such as the device’s model number, firmware version, and serial number. This can be especially useful if you’re troubleshooting issues with your device or need to provide information to customer support. So, the next time you need to view your Fitbit device’s information, be sure to check the Fitbit app for all the details you need.

Contact Fitbit Support

If you’re not sure which Fitbit model you have, don’t worry, there are a few ways to figure it out. One way is to check the documentation that came with your device. The box or manual will likely have the model name printed on it.

Another way is to check the Fitbit app. After opening the app, tap on your profile icon, then tap on your device name to see the model. If you’re still unclear, you can reach out to Fitbit support.

They are available through the website or through social media channels and can help you identify your device. Knowing which Fitbit model you have can be helpful when seeking support, searching for accessories, or troubleshooting any issues you may encounter. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance if you need it!

Visit Fitbit Website for Contact Info

If you’re looking to contact Fitbit support, the best place to start is by visiting their website. Fitbit provides a variety of resources on their site that can help you troubleshoot issues with your device or answer any questions you may have about their products. You can also create a support ticket or chat with a support representative directly from their website.

Fitbit’s customer support team is dedicated to providing exceptional service, and they’re always happy to help their customers. Whether you’re experiencing issues with your fitness tracker, need assistance setting up your device, or have a general question about Fitbit products, their knowledgeable and friendly support team is just a few clicks away. So if you need help with your Fitbit product, don’t hesitate to reach out to their support team for assistance.

Provide Device Info to Customer Support

If you’re experiencing any issues with your Fitbit device, it’s always a good idea to reach out to customer support for assistance. However, before contacting them, you’ll want to make sure you have some important information about your device on hand to make the process as smooth as possible. This includes your device’s model name and number, its firmware version, and the serial number.

You can find all of this information within the Fitbit app on your smartphone. Simply tap on your profile icon, select your device, and look under “Device Info”. Having this information readily available will help customer support identify and troubleshoot any problems you may be experiencing.

So, next time you reach out to Fitbit support, make sure to have these details on hand for a more efficient and effective experience.

Wrap Up and Final Thoughts

If you’re unsure of which Fitbit model you have, don’t worry – it’s a common question among Fitbit owners. To determine your model, start by checking the packaging or receipt. The model name should be on the box or receipt.

If you don’t have the packaging or receipt, don’t panic. You can check the Fitbit app on your phone or the Fitbit website by logging in to your account and going to your account dashboard. Your device name should be listed there.

If you still can’t determine your model, turn your device over. There should be a small label on the back that includes the model name or number. With these methods, you’ll be able to figure out your Fitbit model in no time.


Well, dear friend, it’s rather simple – just look at your wrist! But if you’re looking for a more technical answer, check your Fitbit app or the Fitbit website to see which model you’ve synced with. In the meantime, just keep tracking those steps and burning those calories – no matter which Fitbit you may have, getting fit and healthy is always in style!”


How can I identify my Fitbit model?
You can identify your Fitbit model by accessing the Fitbit app and selecting “Today” in the dashboard. Then, tap on your profile picture and select “Account Settings” followed by “My Devices.” Your Fitbit model will be listed under “Device.”

What if I don’t have access to the Fitbit app?
If you don’t have access to the Fitbit app, you can identify your model by looking at the back of your Fitbit device. The model number will be printed on the back of the device.

I’m still unsure of my Fitbit model, how can I contact customer support?
If you’re still unsure of your Fitbit model, you can contact customer support through the Fitbit website or app. They will be able to assist you in identifying your model and answering any other questions you may have.

Can I find out the year my Fitbit model was released?
Yes, you can find out the year your Fitbit model was released by searching for it on the Fitbit website. Each model has a “release date” listed on its product page.


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