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Locked Down: Proven Strategies to Stop Deep Passes in Madden 22

Are you tired of giving up big plays on deep passes in Madden 22? Do you feel like no matter what defensive adjustments you make, your opponent always has an answer? It can be frustrating to watch your opponent consistently march down the field on the strength of seemingly effortless deep passes. But fear not, there are ways to neutralize even the most potent passing offenses in Madden 2 In this blog post, we’ll provide you with some effective tactics and strategies to help you shut down the deep pass in Madden 22, so you can take control of the game and come out on top.

Understand the Route Concepts

If stopping deep passes is your goal in Madden 22, then understanding the route concepts is key. Knowing the different types of routes will allow you to anticipate where the ball is going and how to defend against it. For example, if you see a receiver running a streak route straight down the field, then you know they are going for a deep pass.

You can counter this by playing a deep zone defense and having your safety stay back to defend the pass. On the other hand, if you see a receiver running a post route, then you know they are cutting across the field towards the middle. This allows you to adjust your defense accordingly by having your linebacker drop back in coverage.

Overall, understanding the route concepts is an essential step towards stopping deep passes in Madden 2 So pay close attention to how receivers move on the field, and be ready to adjust your defense accordingly to shut down any deep passes.

Study Common Deep Route Combinations

In order to become a successful football receiver, understanding common deep route combinations is essential. Route concepts are a fundamental part of football strategy and can help you become an efficient player on the field. For instance, the “go” or “seam” route can be combined with a “post” or “corner” route to create a highly effective deep combination.

This combination can be used to stretch the defense and open up opportunities for other receivers. Additionally, mastering the “dig” route can allow you to create space in the middle of the field and become a quick and effective option for your quarterback. Understanding these concepts and practicing them regularly can give you a competitive edge on the field and make you a valuable asset to any team.

So, the next time you hit the field, keep in mind these common deep route combinations and how they can be utilized to elevate your game.

how to stop deep passes madden 22

Identify the Defense Coverages

As a football coach, it’s essential to understand the different route concepts and offensive strategies that opposing teams might employ. One way to prepare your defense is to identify the various coverages that can be used to counter these routes and plays. There are several types of defensive coverages, such as man-to-man, zone, and hybrid schemes that blend both approaches.

Man-to-man coverage requires each defender to stick to a specific offensive player throughout the play. On the other hand, zone schemes divide the field into different areas, and each defender is responsible for a zone, looking out for any offensive player entering that area. Finally, hybrid coverages can be challenging to read for quarterbacks, as defenders can shift from man-to-man to zone mid-play.

By understanding and implementing different defensive coverages, a team can minimize the damage caused by an offense’s route concepts, protecting against both short passes and long-range strikes.

Make Adjustments on Defense

One effective way to stop deep passes in Madden 22 is to make adjustments on defense. This means paying close attention to the opposing team’s formation and adjusting your own defensive formation accordingly. For example, if you notice that the offense is using a lot of deep passes, consider switching to a Cover-3 or Cover-4 defense, which will provide more coverage downfield.

Additionally, you can adjust your defensive line to put pressure on the quarterback and disrupt their passing game. It’s important to remember that making adjustments on defense requires quick thinking and strategic planning, so be prepared to make changes as needed throughout the game. By being proactive and adapting to your opponent’s strategy, you can greatly increase your chances of stopping deep passes and winning the game.

Use the Right Defensive Play Call

Choosing the right defensive play call can make all the difference in a football game. As a defensive coach, you need to constantly be making adjustments based on the opposing team’s offensive formations and tendencies. By studying film and using your knowledge of the game, you can anticipate what play the offense is going to run and adjust your defense accordingly.

This may mean switching from a man-to-man defense to a zone defense or blitzing a linebacker to create pressure on the quarterback. Just as a chess player must think several moves ahead, a good defensive coach must anticipate the opposition’s next move and position his players accordingly. With careful planning and excellent execution, you can keep your team in the game and ultimately come out on top.

Assign Responsibilities to Defenders

Assign Responsibilities to DefendersAs we know, defense plays a critical role in any football game. A good defense can make or break a game, and assigning the right responsibilities to each defender can make all the difference. In order to be successful, coaches need to make adjustments on defense to ensure that each defender knows their role and responsibilities.

This includes teaching them how to read opposing offenses, the proper technique for tackling, and how to cover their assigned positions. It’s important to assign specific responsibilities to defenders to avoid confusion and prevent gaps in coverage. By doing this, defenders will know exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it, which will greatly increase the chances of a successful defense.

In conclusion, coaches must prioritize adjusting and assigning responsibilities to their defenders for a strong defensive unit and a chance to win games.

Use Safety Help Over the Top

As a defensive player, it’s essential to make adjustments on the fly during a game. One play that can be particularly effective against the opposition is using Safety Help Over the Top. This is where your safety drops back deep, so they’re positioned over the top of the outside receiver, providing insurance and coverage in case the cornerback struggles to keep up.

This is especially useful against pass-heavy offenses where the quarterback looks to launch deep throws. However, like most defensive strategies, this play also requires good communication between all members of the defensive team to prevent any lapses in coverage. With Safety Help Over the Top, your defense can neutralize the offenses’ ability to stretch the field and beat you deep.

So, the next time you’re up against a strong passing team, remember to make defensive adjustments and utilize Safety Help Over the Top to give yourself the best chance of stopping the opposition’s aerial attack.

Pressure the Quarterback

When it comes to stopping deep passes in Madden 22, pressuring the quarterback is key. By putting pressure on the quarterback, you can force them to make mistakes or throw the ball away before they can take a shot downfield. Effective pressure can be achieved through a variety of means, such as blitzing, stunting, or simply using your edge rushers to get around the offensive line.

It’s important to mix things up and keep the offense guessing, as they will be more likely to make mistakes if they are unsure of where the pressure is coming from. Additionally, making sure your defensive backs are in good position and know their assignments can help prevent big plays even if pressure doesn’t result in a sack. So next time you’re facing an opponent who loves to take deep shots, focus on pressuring the quarterback and see if you can disrupt their rhythm to come out on top.

Bring Extra Pass Rushers

When it comes to winning football games, one crucial aspect is pressuring the quarterback. Bringing in extra pass rushers can help achieve this goal and give your team an edge. It puts stress on the opposing team’s offensive line and forces the quarterback to make quicker decisions.

By doing this, you increase the likelihood of turnovers and sacks. However, it’s important to remember that putting additional pressure on the quarterback can also leave your defense vulnerable to big plays. You need to find a balance and use the right personnel to execute this strategy effectively.

So, make sure your players are well-prepared and have a clear plan of attack when executing this high-pressure defense. In conclusion, if done correctly, bringing in extra pass rushers can be a game-changer and will significantly increase your chances of winning on the football field.

Disguise Blitzes and Coverages

When it comes to putting pressure on the quarterback, disguising blitzes and coverages can be a game-changer. By concealing the true intent of the defense, it becomes much harder for the quarterback to make pre-snap reads and adjust accordingly. This can result in forced throws, hurried decisions, and ultimately, turnovers.

But how exactly does one go about disguising these defensive schemes? It starts with having versatile players who can line up in multiple positions and execute various responsibilities. Additionally, it involves using pre-snap movement and motion, showing different looks before the snap, and changing responsibilities post-snap. By doing so, the defense can make it difficult for the offense to identify who is rushing, who is dropping into coverage, and who is responsible for which gaps.

With the right execution, disguising blitzes and coverages can be an effective way to pressure the quarterback and disrupt the timing of the offense.

Practice and Perfect Your Strategy

If you’re struggling with how to stop deep passes in Madden 22, the key is to practice and perfect your defensive strategy. One effective approach is to mix up your coverages and disguises so the opposing quarterback can’t predict your moves. Also, don’t be afraid to bring extra pressure with blitzes, but ensure that your other defenders can cover receivers if the pass rush doesn’t get to the quarterback in time.

Additionally, study your opponent’s tendencies and the routes they commonly run so you can make effective adjustments. By consistently practicing and refining your defensive strategy, you’ll be better equipped to stop those deep passes and dominate your opponents on the virtual gridiron.


In conclusion, stopping those pesky deep passes in Madden 22 can be a daunting task. However, with a little strategy and a lot of hustle, you can shut down even the slickest aerial assaults. Whether it’s employing man-to-man coverage, blitzing the quarterback, or using a safety to provide extra coverage, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

So dust off your playbook, sharpen your reflexes, and get ready to show your opponents who’s boss. With a little practice and a lot of determination, you can stop those deep passes in their tracks and dominate the field like a true pro.”


What defensive plays are effective in preventing deep passes in Madden 22?
Cover 2 and Cover 3 are effective defensive plays that can help prevent deep passes in Madden 22. These plays involve having multiple defenders deep downfield in coverage, making it harder for your opponent to complete a deep pass.

Is it better to play man-to-man or zone defense to stop deep passes in Madden 22?
It depends on your playing style. Man-to-man defense involves assigning defenders to cover specific players, while zone defense involves having defenders cover specific areas of the field. If you prefer to have more control over your defenders, man-to-man may work better. If you want to have more defenders in coverage to stop deep passes, zone defense may be the way to go.

How can user-controlled defenders help prevent deep passes in Madden 22?
User-controlled defenders give you control over specific players on defense, allowing you to move them into position to cover specific areas of the field or defend against specific passes. By using user-controlled defenders, you can more effectively prevent deep passes and minimize the risk of big plays by your opponent.

How can pre-snap adjustments help prevent deep passes in Madden 22?
Pre-snap adjustments allow you to make changes to your defensive play call based on your opponent’s formation and tendencies. By making adjustments to your defensive formation, coverage, and blitz packages, you can better defend against deep passes and take away your opponent’s big-play opportunities.


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