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Score a Touchdown with These Fun and Easy Sports Crafts for Kids!

Looking for a fun way to engage your little ones in sports activity without them leaving your sight? Sports crafts for kids is the answer! Crafts are a great way to keep kids busy, and when combined with sports, they help to promote a healthy lifestyle. Whether your child is an aspiring athlete or just loves arts and crafts, there are many sports crafts that can keep them active, creative and engaged. From footballs to basketballs, soccer balls to baseballs, the possibilities are endless.

And the best part is that many of these crafts require only basic materials that you likely already have lying around the house. Keep reading for some fun and easy sports crafts that your little ones will love!

DIY Sports Pennants

Sports crafts for kids are a great way to keep your little ones engaged and help them foster their creativity. One fun activity that kids will love is making DIY sports pennants. These can be easily created with some felt, glue, and string, and can be customized to feature their favorite teams or sports.

To start, cut out a triangular shape from the felt and decorate it with markers, stickers, or even iron-on patches. Then, use glue to attach the felt to a longer piece of string or ribbon, and your pennant is ready to be hung up on a wall or door. This is a great activity for kids to do with their friends or as a family, and can also be a fun way to show support for your local sports team.

With these DIY sports pennants, your kids can show off their creativity and love for sports in a fun and unique way.

Personalized team pennants using felt and fabric glue.

For sports fans and enthusiasts, nothing shows their team spirit more than personalized team pennants. With just a few simple materials such as felt and fabric glue, you can create your own customized sports pennants that will make the perfect addition to your sports memorabilia collection. Start by choosing your team’s colors and designing the layout of your pennant on a piece of paper.

Then, cut out the shapes from the felt and use fabric glue to secure them onto the larger felt banner. Add any extra details such as player numbers or team logos and let everything dry overnight. Once your pennant is complete, you can proudly display it at your next game or hang it up in your home to show off your team spirit.

With this DIY project, you can create a unique and personalized pennant that is sure to catch everyone’s attention. So, grab your felt and fabric glue, and get ready to show your team pride in style!

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Basketball Hoop Collages

If you’re looking for a fun and easy sports craft for kids, try making basketball hoop collages! All you need is a piece of cardboard, some construction paper in bright colors, and a marker. Cut out a large circle for the hoop and glue it onto the cardboard. Then cut out several smaller circles to represent basketballs, and draw some lines to show the court.

Next, have your kids paint a few shades of green on the cardboard to represent the grass and add a few clouds to the sky. Finally, glue the basketballs onto the hoop and let your kids add their own unique touches to the collage. Not only is this craft a great way to bond with your kids, but it also helps improve their fine motor skills and encourages creativity.

So why not give it a try and see how much fun your kids will have creating their own basketball-themed masterpieces?

Use cardboard and magazine cutouts to create a 3D collage.

Basketball Hoop Collages are a fun and creative way to make use of old cardboard and magazines lying around the house. Simply cut out pictures of basketballs, hoops, and players from magazines and paste them onto a cardboard cutout of a basketball hoop and backboard. The collages can also be made more 3D by cutting out basketballs and pasting them onto the backboard or hoop.

This activity is a great way to encourage creativity and hand-eye coordination in children, as well as being a fun and easy DIY project for adults. With just a few materials, anyone can make a unique and personalized basketball hoop collage to hang on the wall or give as a gift. So, gather up those old magazines and cardboard boxes and start creating!

Olympic Medal Crafts

Looking for a fun way to celebrate the spirit of the Olympics with your kids? Sports crafts for kids are a fantastic way to get them excited about the games and flex their creative muscles. Olympic medal crafts are a great option that allows them to make a souvenir they can cherish for years to come. All you need is some construction paper, ribbon, glue, and scissors.

Cut out circles from the paper to represent gold, silver, and bronze medals. Then add some ribbon to turn them into necklaces. Your kids can decorate them with their favorite athlete’s name or country’s flag, or even add glitter and stickers for some extra flair.

They’ll love wearing their handmade medals and playing pretend-Olympics with their friends. These crafts are a simple yet effective way to spark your child’s imagination and get them interested in sports.

Make medals out of paper plates and metallic paint for an Olympic-themed party.

If you’re looking for a fun and easy craft project for an Olympic-themed party, why not try making medals using paper plates and metallic paint? It’s a great way to get your guests involved in the festivities and make them feel like champions! To begin, gather your supplies: paper plates, metallic paint, ribbon or twine, and scissors. Start by painting each paper plate with metallic paint, using gold, silver, and bronze for a variety of medals. Once the paint has dried, cut a small hole in the top of each plate and thread a piece of ribbon or twine through the hole.

Tie the ribbon in a knot and voila! You’ve got yourself a personalized Olympic medal. This is a great activity for kids and adults alike, and everyone can have fun decorating their medal with extra embellishments like stickers or markers. So get crafty and show off your Olympic spirit with these homemade medals!

Soccer Ball Magnets

Sports crafts for kids are a great way to get children involved in physical activity and creative play. Soccer ball magnets are a fun and easy craft project that kids of all ages will enjoy. With just a few simple materials, you can create magnets that look just like mini soccer balls.

All you need is some white and black paint, a paintbrush, and a small magnet. Start by painting a small wooden ball white and letting it dry. Then, use black paint to add the classic hexagon pattern that is synonymous with soccer balls.

Once the paint is dry, glue a magnet to the back of the ball and your soccer ball magnet is complete! These magnets are perfect for displaying on a fridge or locker and make great gifts for soccer enthusiasts. With this simple craft, you can encourage children to explore their creativity and love for sports.

Use foam balls and magnets to create soccer-inspired magnets.

If you’re a soccer fan looking to add some sporty flair to your fridge or locker, why not create your own soccer ball magnets? All you need are some foam balls and magnets. First, pick up some foam balls in the size you want your magnets to be. You can find these at most craft stores or online.

Next, attach small magnets to the back of the foam balls using a strong adhesive. You can buy magnets at craft or hardware stores, or even repurpose ones from old fridge magnets. Before you know it, you’ll have a whole set of soccer ball magnets to display your love for the beautiful game.

These magnets are also a great idea for kids who want to show off their favorite sport and keep their schedules and artwork in place. Plus, they make for a fun and easy DIY project for a lazy Sunday afternoon. So, whether you’re a die-hard soccer fan or just looking for a fun craft activity, give these soccer ball magnets a try.

Your fridge or locker will thank you!

Baseball Bat Pens

Looking for a fun sports craft that your kids will surely love? Give them a chance to unleash their creativity by making baseball bat pens! With just a few materials, you can make awesome pens that resemble baseball bats. All you need are some wooden dowels, electrical tape, a hot glue gun, and a couple of ballpoint pens. Cut the dowels to the desired length, then wrap them with electrical tape to give them the perfect baseball bat look.

Next, glue the pens into the dowels’ ends, and voila! You have a customized baseball bat pen. Kids will enjoy using their pens for homework or school projects and showing off their unique creations to their friends. This craft helps kids develop their artistic skills while still engaging their love of sports.

With this activity, kids can learn that everyday items can be transformed into something extraordinary. So, grab your kids and create some fun memories together with this excellent sports craft for kids!

Turn wooden dowels into miniature baseball bats to use as pens.

If you’re a fan of baseball, or know someone who is, then turning wooden dowels into miniature baseball bats to use as pens is a great DIY project. These baseball bat pens are a fun way to show your love for the game while also being practical. To make your own baseball bat pen, all you need is a wooden dowel, a saw, sandpaper, and some paint.

First, use a saw to cut the dowel down to the desired size of your bat pen. Then, sand down the edges and paint it to look like a real bat. Finally, attach a pen to the end of the dowel using glue or a drill.

These unique pens are perfect for baseball fans of all ages and can even make a great gift. Give it a swing and create your own personalized baseball bat pen today!

Football Field Table Runner

If you have a sports-loving kid in your life, a football field table runner is a fun and easy craft to make. Start by purchasing green felt or fabric and cutting it to the length of your table. Then, use white paint or permanent marker to create the lines of a football field, including the center line, yard markers, and end zones.

You can add details like team logos or player names with fabric markers or iron-on transfers. This craft is perfect for football-themed parties or game day get-togethers. Plus, it’s a great way to get your kids involved in DIY projects and spark their creativity.

With just a few simple materials and some imagination, you can create a unique and playful addition to your sports-themed decor. So, gather your supplies, put on your favorite team’s jersey, and get ready for some fun sports crafts for kids!

Create a football field table runner using green felt and white paint.

If you’re throwing a football-themed party or simply want to add some sports-inspired decor to your dining table, a football field table runner is an excellent idea. It’s not difficult to make, and it’s an affordable way to add some color and excitement to your event. All you need is a green felt sheet, which you can easily find at any craft store, and some white paint.

To make the table runner, measure the length of your table and cut the felt sheet accordingly. Then, using white paint, create the yard lines and hash marks to resemble a football field. You can use a ruler or yardstick to ensure your lines are straight and even.

Let the paint dry completely, and your football field table runner is ready to use! It’s a fun and unique way to decorate your table and impress your guests. So, whether you’re rooting for your favorite team or just love football, this table runner is sure to score big with your guests.


In conclusion, sports crafts for kids are the perfect way to combine the physical activity and creativity skills of children. Not only do these crafts help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but they also encourage teamwork and sportsmanship. From DIY sports equipment to sports-themed decorations, there are endless possibilities for kids to explore their athleticism and imagination.

So let’s get crafting and score some fun points with our young athletes!”


What are some easy sports crafts for kids to make?
Some easy sports crafts for kids to make include creating a football or basketball out of paper plates and decorating them with markers or paint, making a personalized team banner with construction paper and stickers, or creating a sports-themed bracelet with beads and elastic string.

How can sports crafts help children develop their creativity?
Sports crafts allow children to use their imagination to design and create sports-related items, which can help develop their creativity. They can also encourage children to problem-solve and think outside the box when creating their crafts.

Are there any sports crafts that can be done with recycled materials?
Yes, there are several sports crafts that can be done with recycled materials. For example, kids can create a basketball hoop out of an old cereal box or make a soccer ball out of recycled newspaper or magazines.

Can sports crafts be used as a way to teach children about different sports?
Yes, sports crafts can be a fun and interactive way to teach children about different sports. For example, making a paper plate football or basketball can be used to teach children the basic rules and terminology of the sport. Alternatively, creating a team banner can be a way to teach children about different team logos and colors.


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