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Score a Halloween Win with These Playful Sporty Costumes for Girls!

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about the perfect costume. If your little girl is a sports enthusiast, then why not choose a sporty Halloween costume to celebrate the occasion? With so many options to choose from, it can be tough to find the right one. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 10 Best Sporty Halloween Costumes for Girls to make your decision-making process a little easier.

These costumes are perfect for little girls who love sports and want to show off their love for the game while trick-or-treating. From soccer players to tennis stars, there’s a sporty costume for every little girl out there. So, let’s dive in and explore the best sporty Halloween costumes for your little girl!

1. Cheerleader

If you’re looking for a fun and sporty Halloween costume idea for your little girl, why not consider dressing her up as a cheerleader? With pom-poms and a cute cheer uniform, your daughter will look adorable and ready to cheer on her favorite sports team. Plus, this versatile costume can be customized to fit any team’s colors or even your child’s favorite color scheme. If you want to take the costume to the next level, add some glitter or sparkly accessories to really make her shine.

And don’t forget the signature cheer moves like spirit fingers and cartwheels to complete the look! This sport kid Halloween costume girl idea is perfect for energetic and enthusiastic youngsters who love to cheer on their team or just want to have some fun on Halloween.

Perfect for showing school spirit

If you’re looking for a way to show off your school spirit, becoming a cheerleader is a great choice. Cheerleading is not only a fun and exciting way to support your school and sports teams, but it also offers many physical and mental health benefits. Cheerleading involves a combination of dance, gymnastics, and stunts, which can help improve your strength, flexibility, coordination, and fitness level.

Additionally, cheerleaders learn valuable skills such as teamwork, leadership, and time management, which can benefit them in other areas of their lives. Being a cheerleader also allows you to showcase your creativity and personality by designing routines, picking music, and creating signs and banners. With all these benefits, becoming a cheerleader is an excellent way to show your school spirit while also improving yourself both physically and mentally.

So why not give it a try and see where it takes you?

sport kid halloween costumes girl

Uniforms available for various teams

If you’re looking for a uniform for your cheerleading team, you’ve come to the right place! We offer a wide variety of cheerleading uniforms that are both comfortable and stylish. Our uniforms come in a range of colors and designs to match your team’s personal style. Our uniforms are made of high-quality materials that won’t tear or wear easily, so you can cheer confidently without worrying about your outfit.

We understand that each cheerleading team has unique needs, which is why we offer custom designs to make your team stand out. Our uniforms are designed to accommodate all body types so that everyone can look and feel their best while cheering. Investing in a high-quality uniform will not only improve your team’s appearance but also add a sense of professionalism to your performances.

Cheer on with confidence in our high-quality cheerleading uniforms.

2. Soccer Player

If your sport-loving kid wants to show off her skills this Halloween, consider a soccer player costume! With a simple outfit consisting of a soccer jersey, shorts, and shin guards, your little girl can transform into her favorite player. She can even add soccer cleats and a ball to complete the look. The best part? This costume allows for plenty of mobility, making it perfect for running, kicking, and scoring goals all night long.

Plus, it’s a great way to encourage your child’s love for sports and promote a healthy, active lifestyle. So why not let your little athlete shine this Halloween with a soccer player costume?

Score a goal in this costume

Looking to score a winning goal this Halloween? Consider going as a soccer player! This costume is simple yet effective, requiring minimal preparation. Start by finding a soccer jersey in your favorite team’s colors, and pair it with some soccer shorts. Don’t forget to accessorize with a matching pair of soccer socks and cleats! To complete the look, consider adding a soccer ball as a prop.

This costume is perfect for anyone who loves sports, and it’s sure to be a hit at any Halloween party. So, whether you’re a seasoned soccer player or just a fan of the sport, consider dressing up in this costume and scoring a winning goal in style!

Complete with soccer ball accessory

The “Soccer Player” LEGO minifigure is perfect for all soccer enthusiasts out there! This minifigure comes dressed in a soccer jersey and shorts, complete with a soccer ball accessory. You can imagine your favorite soccer player scoring the winning goal or making the perfect pass with this LEGO figure in hand.The soccer ball accessory is the perfect size for the minifigure, allowing it to hold it with ease.

The minifigure’s arms and legs are also fully articulated, giving you full control of the soccer player’s movements and poses. You can recreate your favorite soccer matches or create your own soccer scene with this amazing minifigure.This soccer player minifigure is also a great addition to your LEGO collection.

You can mix and match it with other minifigures or create an entire soccer team for your LEGO world. The possibilities are endless with this minifigure.In conclusion, the “Soccer Player” LEGO minifigure is a must-have for anyone who loves soccer or LEGO.

Its attention to detail and fully articulated body make it worth every penny. So why not add it to your collection today and score the winning goal?

3. Gymnast

If your little girl is an active sport kid and loves to flip and tumble, then a gymnast Halloween costume may be the perfect fit for her. A gymnast costume can range from a full leotard with matching hair accessories to a simple shirt and leggings combo with ribbon detailing. To complete the look, add some white sneakers and a medal around your little athlete’s neck.

Your daughter will be ready to show off her tricks and flips for all her friends. Plus, a gymnast costume is not only cute and athletic, but it’s also a way for your little girl to showcase her strength and courage. She can stand tall and proud as she displays her costume and the hard work she puts into her sport.

So, if your little girl is a gymnast at heart, get her the perfect Halloween costume that will showcase her talent and make her feel like a true superstar.

Leap and tumble in this costume

If you’re a gymnast, you need a costume that will allow you to leap and tumble with ease. The right outfit can make all the difference in your performance. When it comes to gymnastics costumes, comfort and flexibility are key.

You need something that allows you to move freely, while also staying in place so you don’t have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions. A good gymnastics costume should also be durable, able to withstand all the wear and tear that comes with training and competitions.One option for an ideal gymnastics costume is a leotard with a sleeveless or long-sleeved design, depending on the weather or your personal preference.

The leotard should be made of a stretchy, breathable fabric that wicks away moisture, so you can stay cool and dry even during intense routines. Look for a leotard with a secure but comfortable fit, ideally with a sleek, flattering design. You might also want to consider adding embellishments like sequins or rhinestones to make your costume extra eye-catching.

Overall, your gymnastics costume should be both functional and stylish. It should reflect your unique style while also helping you perform your best. Whether you prefer a classic, simple look or a bold, trendy outfit, there are plenty of options to choose from.

So go ahead, take a leap of faith, and tumble your way to victory with confidence in your new gymnastics costume.

Comes with matching leotard and ribbon

If you’re a gymnast searching for a new outfit for your competitions, look no further. This customizable leotard and ribbon combo will have you feeling both confident and fierce out on the mat. Not only is it stylish, but it’s also functional for all your tumbling and twisting needs.

The matching ribbon will add an extra pop of color to your routine and help tie everything together seamlessly. Plus, the leotard is made with high-quality materials to ensure comfort during even the most intense routines. Don’t settle for a plain leotard, upgrade to this dynamic combo and be the envy of the competition.

4. Volleyball Player

The sporty girl who loves volleyball will surely make a statement with this Halloween costume. Dress her up as a volleyball player and let her serve and spike her way into the party. To achieve this look, start with a volleyball-printed jersey and shorts to replicate a real player’s uniform.

Add knee pads and white sneakers to complete the sporty attire, and tie her hair up in a high ponytail for optimal mobility during playtime. Don’t forget to accessorize with a whistle and a fun volleyball prop to simulate the real game. This costume is perfect for any girl who wants to showcase her love for the game and is sure to score a win with judges and fellow Halloween enthusiasts alike.

So, let your sporty girl channel her inner volleyball superstar with this spiking good costume choice.

Serve up some Halloween fun

Are you a volleyball player looking to serve up some Halloween fun? Look no further than the court! Grab a group of friends and dress up in your spookiest outfits while still being able to spike and dive for the ball. You can even decorate the net with spiderwebs and pumpkins for an added touch of Halloween ambiance. Mix in some Halloween-themed music to keep the energy high and the tournament exciting.

Don’t forget to have some candy on hand for the winners – after all, who doesn’t love some sweet treats? Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your skills while also embracing the Halloween spirit. Get ready to serve up some spook-tacular fun on the court!

Complete with knee pads

When it comes to volleyball players, one thing that immediately comes to mind is their ability to dive and slide across the court to save a ball. That’s where knee pads come into play. Volleyball players wear these for protection, allowing them to move quickly and effortlessly without getting hurt.

However, knee pads are more than just protective gear. They are an essential part of a volleyball player’s attire. These pads provide the necessary cushioning and support needed for an intense game, ensuring that players can give their best performance without any discomfort or injuries.

So whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned pro, it’s always a good idea to invest in a good pair of knee pads. They will not only keep you safe during games but will also help you play your best and bring your A-game to the court. So the next time you hit the volleyball court, make sure you are complete with knee pads – your knees will thank you for it!

5. Track Star

For sporty girls who want to show off their athleticism, the Track Star costume is a perfect option for Halloween. This costume comes with a one-piece jumpsuit, which looks like it’s been made from shiny, stretchy material. It’s designed to look like a track suit, complete with stripes running down the legs and sleeves.

The jumpsuit also typically comes with a detachable number which can be attached to the back of the costume. To round off the costume, a pair of sporty shoes and a sweatband can be added to the outfit, giving it an authentic athletic feel. This costume is perfect for girls who want to channel their inner athlete and stand out from the crowd at Halloween parties.

The Track Star costume is a great way to showcase your girl’s love of sports and athleticism, making this a fun and unique Halloween costume choice.

Run faster than the other costumes

If you want to be the fastest costume on the track this Halloween, then the Track Star costume is exactly what you need. Not only will you look like you’re ready to race, but you’ll also feel like it too. The Track Star costume typically consists of a sleeveless tank top, shorts, a headband, and running shoes, so you’ll want to make sure your legs and abs are in top shape.

You can add accessories like a stopwatch or a water bottle to complete the look. Make sure to practice your sprints and get used to running in the shoes to really get into the track star mindset. When it’s time to hit the streets for some trick-or-treating or a Halloween party, you’ll be sure to leave all other costumes in the dust.

So lace up those shoes, focus on your form, and get ready to run circles around your friends in the Track Star costume.

Includes racing singlet and shorts

If you’re looking for the perfect outfit to help you look and feel like a racing pro, check out the Track Star set. This set includes both a racing singlet and shorts designed with runners in mind. The singlet is made from a lightweight, breathable fabric that helps keep you cool and comfortable while you run.

It also has a classic racing design that’s both stylish and functional. The shorts are equally impressive. They’re made from a durable, moisture-wicking material that helps keep you dry and comfortable during even the most intense runs.

Plus, they have a comfortable, non-restrictive fit that won’t hinder your movement. Overall, the Track Star set is an excellent choice for anyone looking to take their running game to the next level. With its high-quality materials and functional design, you’re sure to feel like a true racing pro every time you wear it.

So why wait? Grab your Track Star set today and hit the track with confidence!

6. Boxer

If your sporty little girl wants to take on Halloween with an athletic twist, a boxer costume may be just the ticket. With a cute pink and white or red and gold robe, gloves, and shorts, your child can make a knockout statement as the champ of Halloween night. Not only is a boxer costume easy to wear and move around in, but it also sends a message of strength and empowerment.

Plus, it’s a great way to encourage your child’s love for sports and activity. Consider adding some boxing-themed accessories to complete the look, such as a championship belt or a pair of boxing shoes. This sport kid Halloween costume girl is perfect for those who want to feel fierce and confident while trick-or-treating.

Pack a punch in this costume

If you’re looking for a costume that packs a punch, then consider dressing up as a boxer. Not only is this an easy costume to put together, but it’s also a great way to show off your fit physique. To pull off this look, all you need is a pair of boxing shorts, a tank top or sports bra, and some boxing gloves.

You can also add some accessories like sweatbands or a mouthguard to complete the look. To really make an impact, consider adding some fake bruises or cuts using makeup. This will give you that authentic boxer look and make your costume stand out from the crowd.

So, whether you’re heading to a Halloween party or just want a unique costume for your next fitness event, dressing up as a boxer is a great choice. With its simple yet powerful look, you’re sure to knock out the competition in style! Boxing is a sport that requires great skill and athleticism, and dressing up as a boxer is a great way to pay homage to this classic sport. So, show off your fighting spirit and rock this costume with confidence!

Includes boxing gloves and robe

If you’re a fan of boxing or just love the sporty look, then our “Boxer” costume has everything you need to get in character. This costume set includes a pair of red boxing gloves and a matching red and white striped robe that will make you feel like a real boxer. You can wear whatever you like underneath the robe, whether it’s jeans and a t-shirt or shorts and a tank top.

The robe is made from lightweight material that makes it comfortable to wear, even if you’re working up a sweat. And with the addition of the gloves, you’ll be ready to duke it out with anyone who dares to step in the ring with you. So why not step into the ring this Halloween with our “Boxer” costume and be the champion of the party?

7. Ice Skater

Sport kid Halloween costumes for girls are abundant, but the ice skater outfit is an elegant and classic choice that is sure to turn heads. With a sparkly leotard, fluffy tutu, and ice skates, your daughter can twirl and glide like a pro figure skater. She can also add gloves and a matching headband to complete the look.

Not only is the ice skater costume fashionable and fun, it also introduces your child to the exciting world of ice skating. She can learn to skate in style, feeling like a real ice princess on the rink. This costume also allows for versatility in colder climates as it can be worn over warm leggings or tights.

Overall, the ice skater outfit is a perfect choice for any little girl who wants to skate her way into Halloween.

Glide on the ice in this costume

Looking for the perfect costume to wear on the ice this season? Look no further! The Ice Skater costume is exactly what you need to glide gracefully across the ice. With its shimmering fabric and long flowing skirt, this costume is sure to turn heads.Not only is the Ice Skater costume stylish and eye-catching, but it is also designed with comfort and performance in mind.

The outfit is made from high-quality materials that will keep you warm and cozy on the ice, while allowing you to move freely and smoothly.Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned ice skater, the Ice Skater costume is the perfect outfit for any occasion. Whether you are performing in a competition or simply enjoying a leisurely skate, you will love how comfortable and confident you feel in this beautiful costume.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your skates and hit the ice in style with the Ice Skater costume. Whether you are skating solo or with a partner, this stunning outfit is sure to impress. With its shimmering fabric and elegant design, you will feel like a true ice princess every time you put it on.

So go ahead and order yours today!

Comes with matching ice skates

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that ice skating enthusiast in your life? Look no further than the delightful Ice Skater doll, which comes complete with matching ice skates! This charming doll is sure to impress with her intricately detailed skating outfit and graceful pose. With her beautiful blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, she is ready to take on the ice rink and dazzle the crowd.

And the best part? The matching ice skates mean that your little one can act out all of their ice skating dreams alongside their new favorite toy. This doll is the ideal gift for anyone who loves ice skating or simply wants to add a touch of winter wonderland magic to their toy collection. So why wait? Get your

Ice Skater doll today and let the fun begin!

8. Basketball Player

If your little girl is a sporty type who loves basketball, then a basketball player costume would be a perfect fit for her this Halloween. This costume would allow her to embody the spirit of the game, complete with a jersey, shorts, and sneakers. She can also carry a mini basketball as a prop to complete the look.

This costume is not only adorable but also empowering for young girls who aspire to become skilled athletes. With this look, your little one will surely score some points with everyone she encounters on Halloween night. So, if you’re looking for a unique and fun costume idea for your sporty daughter, then a basketball player costume is the way to go.

Don’t wait until the last minute, grab one today and have a ball!

Bring the game to the party

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive way to bring the party to life, consider bringing a basketball player along! Basketball is a great way to get everyone moving, socializing, and having a blast. With a skilled player on hand, you can set up some fun games like knockout, horse, or a good old-fashioned scrimmage. It doesn’t matter if people are seasoned players or complete beginners; everyone can have fun and get involved.

Plus, with a basketball player on hand, they can help teach people the finer points of the game and help improve their skills. So if you want to make your next party a slam dunk, bring a basketball player along!

Complete with basketball accessory

Are you a basketball enthusiast looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Look no further than the basketball player outfit, complete with basketball accessory! This costume is a slam dunk for any sports lover. Dress up in the traditional basketball uniform, with a jersey and shorts, and accessorize with a basketball to complete the look. Whether you’re trick-or-treating or attending a Halloween party, this costume will show off your love for the game and make you feel like a true MVP.

Plus, the basketball accessory is a fun way to get in some extra practice and show off your sweet moves. So, grab your basketball and hit the court (and the Halloween party) in style with the basketball player costume. Don’t forget to bring your A-game!

9. Karate Kid

One of the coolest sport kid Halloween costumes for girls is based on the iconic movie “Karate Kid.” Your little girl can dress up as the tough martial arts student, Daniel Larusso, complete with his iconic costume, headband, and black belt. This costume is perfect for girls who love showing off their karate moves or simply love the movie’s underdog story.

With this costume, your little girl will stand out from the crowd and become the karate champion of the night. So why settle for an ordinary costume when you can have your daughter dressed in an iconic and unforgettable Karate Kid outfit, ready to take on all challengers? This costume is sure to pack a punch at any Halloween party or event, showing off your daughter’s bravery, strength, and fighting spirit.

Kick some Halloween butt

If you want to kick some serious Halloween butt, then channel your inner Karate Kid and embrace the power of martial arts. Whether you are looking for the perfect costume, or simply want to learn some new moves to impress your friends, karate can help you achieve your spooktacular goals. With its emphasis on discipline, focus, and physical conditioning, karate is the ideal way to train your mind and body for the challenges of the holiday season.

Whether you are facing off against a horde of zombies, or trying to scare away those pesky trick-or-treaters, karate gives you the strength, agility, and confidence to succeed. So why not join the ranks of the Karate Kid this Halloween season and unleash your full potential? With a little training and hard work, you can become a true master of the martial arts, and conquer any adversary that comes your way!

Includes karate uniform and belt

Are you considering enrolling your child in karate classes? If so, you may be wondering where to start when it comes to purchasing the necessary equipment. Luckily, many classes include a karate uniform and belt in the cost of tuition. The iconic karate uniform, known as a gi, typically consists of a jacket, pants, and a belt.

The belt is used to indicate the student’s level of experience and is usually colored white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, or black. The Karate Kid franchise has popularized the idea of the gi and the belts, making them an essential part of the karate experience. So don’t worry about purchasing a gi and belt separately, as they are likely included in your child’s karate lessons.

This way, your child can focus on learning the traditional martial art and building strength, discipline, and confidence.

10. BMX Racer

If your little girl is into sports and wants a costume that reflects her passion, a BMX racer is an exciting option for Halloween. A sporty costume like this is perfect for active kids who want to show off some speed and competitiveness. With a BMX racer costume, your girl can feel like a champion as she hops on her bike and explores the neighborhood for trick-or-treating.

The costume usually consists of a jumpsuit, helmet, gloves, and other gear that resemble those used by real-life BMX racers. The attire is also unmistakably cool and enjoyable to wear. Your daughter may even feel like she’s part of the X-Games as she pedals her way around and shows off her agility and strength.

Overall, a BMX racer costume is a great choice for adventurous little girls who love sports and want to stand out on Halloween.

Trick or treat on wheels

If you’re looking for a way to turn your trick-or-treating up a notch this year, why not try hitting the streets on your BMX racer? Not only will you be able to cover more ground and collect more candy, but you’ll also get your adrenaline pumping as you weave in and out of the neighborhood. Plus, with a costume on, you can really feel like you’re living out your favorite bike racing video game. Just make sure to wear proper safety gear and stick to designated bike paths or side streets to stay safe.

Your friends and neighbors are sure to be impressed by your unique trick-or-treating method and your sweet stash of candy at the end of the night. So rev up your BMX racer and get ready to have a Halloween you’ll never forget!

Comes with BMX bike prop

If you want a toy that can satisfy your child’s need for speed and adventure, consider the BMX Racer playset. This fun and exciting playset comes with a prop BMX bike that your child can use to race around their imaginary track. Your kid can become the BMX champion and show off their stunts and tricks to their friends.

The BMX bike prop is an excellent addition to the playset, making it more realistic and interactive. Children can use their creativity to come up with countless scenarios, from racing against their friends to performing in an action-packed BMX show. The BMX Racer playset is an excellent gift for children who love extreme sports and adventure.

It encourages physical activity and promotes creativity and imaginative play. With its vibrant colors and durable construction, the BMX Racer is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment for your child. Get your kid the BMX Racer playset, and let their imagination run wild!


In the world of childhood imagination and play, nothing captures the excitement and passion quite like a sport. From basketball to soccer, volleyball to gymnastics, the thrill of competition and the joy of athletic achievement are palpable. That’s why dressing up as a sporty kid for Halloween is the ultimate expression of youthful enthusiasm and energy.

Whether your little girl is a soccer star, a basketball champ, or a gymnastics prodigy, there’s a sports-themed costume that’s perfect for her. So let her channel her inner athlete this Halloween, and watch her shine on the court, on the field, or on the balance beam. Who knows, she just might inspire a future generation of female athletes with her passion and drive.


What are some sport-themed Halloween costumes for kids?
Some sport-themed Halloween costumes for kids include football player, basketball player, soccer player, and cheerleader.

Can you suggest some creative DIY Halloween costumes for girls?
Yes! Some creative DIY Halloween costumes for girls include a mermaid, unicorn, fairy, witch, and pirate.

What are some popular Halloween costumes for girls?
Some popular Halloween costumes for girls include characters from Disney princesses and fairy tales, superheroes like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, and animals like cats and rabbits.

Where can I find Halloween costumes for kids?
You can find Halloween costumes for kids at party supply stores, Halloween stores, online retailers like Amazon and Walmart, and even some department stores like Target and Macy’s.


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