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Unfold the Skies with Potensic Upgraded A20 Drone: Your Ultimate Aerial Adventure Companion

Welcome to a fascinating world of drones! Drones have taken the tech world by storm, becoming one of the most popular gadgets for both hobbyists and professionals. With so many types of drones available, choosing the right one can be daunting, but Potensic has made it a whole lot easier with their latest release, the Potensic Upgraded A20 Drone. In this review, we will dive deep into the features of this drone and see what it has to offer.

Whether you’re a seasoned drone pilot or just starting, this drone promises to deliver an unforgettable flying experience. So, let’s buckle up and take off to explore the wonders of the Potensic Upgraded A20 Drone.

Design and Build Quality

When it comes to the design and build quality of the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone, it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The drone sports a sleek and modern design that makes it stand out from the rest. The build quality of the drone is also top-notch, with durable materials used to ensure that it can withstand the occasional bumps and scratches that are bound to happen during flights.

One thing that really sets the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone apart from other drones in its class is its size. At only 5 inches in diameter, this drone is incredibly compact, making it the perfect drone for indoor flying and for younger pilots.

The drone also comes with protective propeller guards, which ensures that the propellers won’t get damaged if the drone hits a wall or other obstacle while flying. All in all, the design and build quality of the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone are impressive and definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a new drone.

Small and lightweight

When it comes to choosing a device for your everyday use, size and weight play an important role. Nobody wants to carry a bulky and heavy gadget around when they can have a smaller and lighter option. This is where the design and build quality of a device come into play.

Devices with high-quality build materials like aluminum, carbon fiber, and magnesium alloys are not just durable but also lightweight. The design of a device can also enhance its portability, making it easy to hold and carry around. For instance, laptops with thin and sleek designs are highly preferred by professionals who are always on the go.

Similarly, phones with thin bezels and compact sizes are easier to operate and fit in your pocket. Opting for devices with a small and lightweight design does not mean compromising on functionality and features but rather having the best of both worlds.

potensic upgraded a20 drone

Durable ABS plastic shell

When it comes to choosing the right electronic device, it’s essential to consider the durability and build quality of the product. The ABS plastic shell is an integral part of the design that ensures sturdiness and long-lasting performance. This type of plastic is known for its ability to withstand physical impacts and resist scratches, making it an ideal material for electronic devices that are constantly on the go.

The ABS plastic shell is also lightweight, making it easy to carry around without adding extra weight to your backpack or purse. Additionally, this material is environmentally friendly, making it an eco-conscious choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. In summary, the durable ABS plastic shell used in the design and build quality of electronic devices plays a crucial role in ensuring their longevity and reliability, making it a critical factor to consider when shopping for tech products.

Flight Performance

The Potensic Upgraded A20 Drone is equipped with advanced flight technology that allows for an impressive performance in the air. With its powerful motor and agile design, this drone can reach high speeds and perform intricate maneuvers with ease. The upgraded version includes an altitude hold function that allows for more stable flight and better control, especially for beginners.

Additionally, the drone features a one-key takeoff and landing function, making it easy to operate and perfect for those new to drone flying. The Potensic Upgraded A20 also has a longer flight time compared to its predecessor, allowing for more prolonged use and increased versatility. Whether you’re a professional photographer looking for stunning aerial shots or a casual user looking for a fun, easy-to-use drone, the Potensic Upgraded A20 is sure to impress with its impressive flight performance.

Stable and responsive controls

When it comes to flying, stable and responsive controls are crucial for optimal flight performance. Pilots rely on precise control over their aircraft to successfully navigate through the air currents and make safe landings. Thanks to advancements in technology, modern aircraft are equipped with controls that allow for quick and accurate adjustments to altitude, speed, and direction.

Whether flying a small, single-engine plane or a large commercial jet, these controls are essential for a safe and enjoyable flight experience. With a combination of skill and reliable controls, pilots can confidently navigate through the skies and reach their destination with ease. So, if you’re planning to take to the skies, make sure you choose an aircraft with stable and responsive controls to ensure a smooth and comfortable flight.

6-axis gyroscope for balance and stability

The 6-axis gyroscope technology is the cornerstone of modern drone flight performance. The gyroscope is a device that measures angular momentum and angular velocity, helping the drone maintain balance, stability, and accuracy during flight. This technology enables superior flight performance, which means you can fly your drone with maximum control and stability.

Whether you are navigating tricky landscapes or capturing the perfect aerial shot, a 6-axis gyroscope ensures your drone maintains its position even in the face of external forces such as wind and turbulence. Plus, the gyroscope technology helps your drone perform smooth, fluid movements, allowing for stunning footage from even the most complex flight patterns. With 6-axis gyroscope technology, you can rest assured you’re getting the smoothest, most stable drone flight possible.

So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this innovative technology can help make your drone flying experience the best it can be!

3 adjustable speed modes

Flight performance is a crucial factor to consider when buying a drone, and the Promark GPS Shadow drone has an excellent performance. One of the most impressive features of this drone is the three adjustable speed modes, which enable you to fly the drone at a pace that suits you best. The low-speed mode is perfect for beginners who are just starting, and it gives you more control and stability, while the mid-speed mode is ideal for experienced drone pilots who need more flexibility and maneuverability.

The high-speed mode is for the adventurous drone enthusiasts who want to have fun and capture stunning footage from a different perspective. No matter the speed mode you opt for, the Promark GPS Shadow drone guarantees you a smooth and stable flight. This drone is the perfect choice for those who value flight speed and flight experience, and with its agile movements, you can be sure of getting fantastic videos and photos.

Overall, the Promark GPS Shadow drone is an excellent option if you want a drone that offers optimal flight performance.

Camera Quality

When it comes to drones, camera quality is a crucial feature that can make the difference between capturing stunning footage or ending up with blurry, unusable footage. Luckily, the Potensic Upgraded A20 Drone boasts an impressive camera quality that will amaze you. With a 720P HD camera, this drone provides high-quality video and photos, making it a perfect choice for both beginner and advanced drone pilots.

The camera is equipped with a wide-angle lens that allows you to capture beautiful landscapes and scenery with ease. During flight, the drone’s camera remains stable, ensuring your footage is smooth and steady, even when flying in windy conditions. Plus, the drone’s camera can be adjusted remotely to capture the perfect angle for your shots.

Overall, the Potensic Upgraded A20 Drone provides excellent camera quality that is sure to exceed your expectations and capture stunning aerial footage that you’ll treasure for years to come.

720P HD camera

The camera quality of a device plays a significant role in the overall user experience. With an ever-increasing demand for capturing pictures and videos, it is essential to have a high-quality camera. The 720P HD camera is an excellent choice for capturing stunning visual content.

The term 720P refers to the number of pixels on the screen, which is 1280×720. It means that the camera captures 720 vertical lines of pixels, resulting in a sharp and clear image. The HD camera is perfect for taking photos and recording videos of events, making precious moments unforgettable.

The high resolution of the camera ensures that every detail is captured with clarity. Whether you are capturing a beautiful landscape or a family event, the 720P camera allows you to take stunning pictures and videos. With the option of editing these pictures and videos, you can enhance their quality and share them with friends and family.

Overall, the 720P HD camera is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to capture high-quality videos and images while cherishing their memories.

Real-time transmission via WiFi

When it comes to real-time transmission using WiFi, the camera quality plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted stream. A high-quality camera captures images with greater detail and clarity, allowing for a better viewing experience for those on the receiving end of the transmission. Whether it’s for security purposes or live streaming an event, having a camera with excellent resolution and the ability to adjust to different lighting conditions is essential.

With the right camera, even moving objects or low-light environments can be captured with impressive accuracy. So, if you’re looking to transmit footage in real-time via WiFi, don’t overlook the importance of camera quality. A good camera can make all the difference in ensuring a flawless transmission.

Battery Life

If you’re looking for a drone with a good battery life, the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone might just fit the bill. With its high-quality lithium battery, this drone can stay up in the air for up to 12 minutes on a single charge. This is especially impressive when you consider its compact size, making it a great choice for those looking for a portable drone that can be used for a variety of applications.

Whether you’re interested in aerial photography, wildlife observation, or just exploring the world around you, the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone offers a long-lasting battery life that enables you to make the most of your time in the air. Plus, with its easy-to-use controls and stable flight performance, this drone is both fun and functional, making it a great choice for both novice and experienced drone pilots alike. So if you want a drone that can stay up in the air for longer, consider the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone and take your aerial adventures to the next level!

Up to 12 minutes of flight time

Battery life is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a drone, and one of the key selling points of the newer models is their increased flight time. With drones like the DJI Mavic Air 2 boasting up to 12 minutes of flight time, enthusiasts can capture more aerial footage than ever before. This increased battery life is due to the advanced lithium-ion batteries used in these drones, which not only last longer but also charge faster than their predecessors.

However, it’s important to note that flight time can be affected by various factors such as wind speed, temperature, and altitude. Overall, longer battery life means more time in the air, allowing you to get the shots you need for your next project. So, when shopping for a new drone, be sure to consider the battery life and whether it meets your needs.

Easy battery replacement design

Battery replacement is often a complicated and frustrating task, but with easy battery replacement designs, that’s no longer the case. When it comes to battery life, it’s important to have a setup that’s easy to maintain and replace when necessary. Fortunately, many manufacturers have caught onto this need and incorporated user-friendly designs that make replacing batteries a breeze.

With easy-to-open compartments and step-by-step instructions, anyone can replace their batteries without the need for special tools or expert knowledge. This not only saves users time and money, but it also increases the longevity of their devices. So, whether you’re dealing with a dead battery in a remote control or in your favorite gadget, an easy battery replacement design will have you up and running again in no time.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Potensic Upgraded A20 Drone is an excellent choice for beginners looking to experience the thrill of drone flying. Its compact size, easy-to-use controls, and stable flight capabilities make it an ideal option for indoor and outdoor use. The drone’s high-quality camera allows for impressive aerial photography and video, enhancing the overall experience.

Additionally, its durability and safety features provide peace of mind when flying. Overall, the Potensic Upgraded A20 Drone is a great investment for anyone looking for an affordable, reliable, and enjoyable drone flying experience. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, it’s the perfect tool for capturing unforgettable memories from a bird’s eye view.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a Potensic Upgraded A20 Drone today and soar to new heights!


In summary, the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone is like having a personal aerial assistant that can capture breathtaking footage and keep you entertained for hours on end. With its improved features and sleek design, this drone is a must-have for anyone who wants to elevate their photography and videography game. It’s the perfect combination of affordability and high performance, making it a wise investment for both novices and experienced drone pilots alike.

So why settle for a mundane ground-level perspective when you can soar to new heights with the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone?”


What is the flight time of the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone?
The Potensic Upgraded A20 drone has a flight time of up to 12 minutes.

Can the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone perform flips and rolls?
Yes, the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone is capable of performing 360-degree flips and rolls.

Does the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone come with a camera?
No, the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone does not come with a camera.

What is the range of the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone?
The Potensic Upgraded A20 drone has a control range of up to 100 feet.

Is the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone easy to fly for beginners?
Yes, the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone is designed with a one-key takeoff/landing feature and headless mode, making it easy for beginners to fly.

Does the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone have any safety features?
Yes, the Potensic Upgraded A20 drone has a low battery alarm and an emergency stop feature for added safety.


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