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Unleashing the Ultimate Strategy: How to Take Down Armored Bokoblin & Win Tears of the Kingdom

Armored Bokoblins are some of the toughest foes you’ll face in the Tears of the Kingdom DLC for Breath of the Wild. With their powerful weapons and durable armor, these baddies can be a real pain to take down. But fear not! In this guide, we’ll show you the best strategies for defeating Armored Bokoblins and emerging victorious.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to Breath of the Wild, these tips will help you conquer the toughest enemies in the game. So grab your weapons and get ready for a battle you won’t soon forget!

Overview of Armored Bokoblin Tears

If you’re wondering how to kill armored Bokoblin tears of the kingdom, you’ve come to the right place! These enemies are tough and require a bit of strategy to take down. Start by trying to disarm them with a shield parry, which allows you to stun them and deal some damage. After that, aim for the weak spots on their bodies, such as their tails or exposed heads.

Weapons with elemental properties, like fire or electricity, can also be effective in breaking through their armor. Keep moving and dodging their attacks, and be sure to use your bow to take out any ranged Bokoblins. With some perseverance and smart tactics, you’ll be able to defeat these tough enemies and collect their spoils.

What are Armored Bokoblin Tears?

Armored Bokoblin Tears are a rare and valuable item in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game. These tears are dropped by Armored Bokoblins, which are tougher and more resilient than regular Bokoblins. When used, Armored Bokoblin Tears can boost your defense for a short period, making it easier to survive in combat against stronger foes.

To obtain these tears, you’ll need to defeat Armored Bokoblins with weapons that can deal substantial damage, such as the Great Flameblade or the Ancient Battle Axe++. Additionally, Armored Bokoblin Tears can be used as an ingredient when cooking meals, creating dishes that can temporarily boost your defense or add other helpful effects. So, keep your eyes peeled for these precious tears and make sure to stock up on them whenever possible.

They might just save your life in battle!

how to kill armored bokoblin tears of the kingdom

Why are they important in the game?

Armored Bokoblin Tears are a crucial resource in the game, serving multiple purposes that are essential to playing and succeeding in the game. These tears are obtained by defeating armored Bokoblins and can be used to upgrade select armor sets and purchase valuable items from certain shops. Upgrading armor sets is crucial to progression in the game as it boosts your defense and health, allowing you to move forward in the game.

Additionally, some quests require players to obtain a certain number of Armored Bokoblin Tears as a prerequisite. Therefore, it is imperative for players to keep an eye out for these enemies to collect their tears. Overall, Armored Bokoblin Tears are an important aspect of playing the game and should not be overlooked by players looking to progress through the game.

Recommended Weapons and Strategies

When going up against an armored Bokoblin in Tears of the Kingdom, having the right weapons and strategy can make all the difference. These enemies are tough to defeat and can do a lot of damage if you’re not careful. Luckily, there are some weapons and techniques you can use to come out on top.

One great option is to use bombs or bomb arrows to strip away the armor, making the Bokoblin much easier to defeat. Another great strategy is to use your shield to parry attacks and create openings for your own strikes. It’s also a good idea to use weapons like the Great Flameblade or Great Frostblade, which can deal significant damage to these enemies.

Finally, don’t forget to make use of your own abilities like the Stasis rune or flurry attacks to get the upper hand. With the right weapons and tactics, you can take down even the toughest armored Bokoblins in Tears of the Kingdom.

What weapons are effective against Armored Bokoblin Tears?

Armored Bokoblin Tears, weapons, strategies, effectiveness.When it comes to taking down Armored Bokoblin Tears in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there are a few weapons and strategies that are particularly effective. Firstly, you’ll want to equip weapons that deal significant damage, such as two-handed swords, hammers, or axes.

These weapons will break through the Bokoblin’s armor and deal heavy damage, bringing down their health quickly. Another strategy is to use bombs or bomb arrows, which can blow off their armor and allow you to strike at their weak points. Additionally, using the environment to your advantage can be effective.

Lure the Bokoblin into a river or pond, and they’ll lose their armor due to the water damage, making them easier to defeat. When all else fails, try using elemental damage like fire or ice to break through their armor and deal heavy damage. Keep these weapons and strategies in mind, and you’ll be taking down Armored Bokoblin Tears in no time!

How to use ranged weapons to your advantage

When it comes to ranged weapons, there are many options available to players. However, if you want to maximize your advantages, there are a few recommended weapons and strategies that you should consider. One popular weapon is the Sniper Rifle, which allows for long-range shots with high accuracy.

This weapon is particularly useful for taking out enemies who are far away and out of sight. Another great option is the Bow, which can be used to silently take down opponents without alerting others nearby. To take full advantage of ranged weapons, it’s important to use cover to your advantage and stay hidden from enemy fire.

Additionally, consider using your sidearm as a backup weapon in case you’re caught in close quarters combat. By using these strategies, you can make the most of your ranged weapons and become a more effective player in any game.

Tips on dodging attacks and timing your strikes

When it comes to battling enemies in video games, timing is everything. And when it comes to Ghost of Tsushima, it’s crucial to time your strikes and dodge attacks effectively. So, what are the recommended weapons and strategies to help you do so?One of the most effective weapons in Ghost of Tsushima is the katana.

Its long reach makes it easy to slash enemies from a distance, and it’s relatively fast, allowing you to deliver quick attacks. It’s also best to use the parry move to deflect incoming attacks from enemies, leaving them staggered and open for a counter-attack.Another useful weapon is the bow.

It’s perfect for taking out enemies from afar, especially when you need to thin out the numbers before you engage in close combat. The half bow is particularly useful in this regard as it allows you to move while you aim, giving you the ability to stay in motion while delivering lethal shots.When it comes to dodging attacks, make sure to keep your eyes on your enemies, watching for their movements.

Be ready to dodge or parry their attacks, especially when they’re about to strike. Timing is everything, so don’t be afraid to roll or dodge out of harm’s way.And lastly, don’t forget to use your Ghost weapons, such as bombs and smoke bombs.

These can help you create openings or distract enemies, giving you the upper hand in combat.Overall, the key to success in Ghost of Tsushima is to master the timing of your strikes and dodge attacks. With the right weapons and strategies, you can become a formidable fighter and bring honor to your clan.

Location and Farming Tips

If you’re looking to take down an armored bokoblin and acquire tears of the kingdom, the location and farming tips are crucial. Armored bokoblins can be found in various locations and can vary in difficulty based on their level. Look for them in areas with high enemy activity, such as military camps, ruins, or enemy-controlled areas.

In terms of farming, you can try using stealth or ranged attacks to take down the bokoblins without alerting nearby enemies. Alternatively, you can use elemental attacks, such as bombs or fire arrows, to damage their armor and prepare for the final blow. Strategize your approach based on the weapon you have on hand and the bokoblin’s fighting style.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to take down armored bokoblins and acquire their tears of the kingdom. Happy hunting!

Where to find Armored Bokoblin Tears in the kingdom

Armored Bokoblin TearsAre you on the hunt for Armored Bokoblin Tears in the vast world of Hyrule? Look no further than the Coliseum Ruins and Hyrule Castle area. These areas not only have a high concentration of Armored Bokoblins but also a higher chance of drops. Make sure to equip a weapon with durability and attack power to make quick work of these tough enemies.

Additionally, try attacking their weapons with bomb arrows to increase your chance of landing a critical hit and therefore a drop. Another helpful tip is to bring along the “Lucky Loungewear” armor set to increase your chances of rare drops. Happy farming!

How to efficiently farm for Armored Bokoblin Tears

Armored Bokoblin TearsIf you’re looking to efficiently farm for Armored Bokoblin Tears in Breath of the Wild, then head to the Gerudo Desert and search for Bokoblin camps. The easiest way to find them is by following the paths that lead to the Gerudo City. Alternatively, use the map to locate the encampments around the desert.

Bokoblin camps contain a variety of enemies, including the Armored Bokoblins, which drop the tears. To efficiently farm for tears, approach each encampment with a strategy – use stealth or wear a sneaking gear to get close to the Bokoblins undetected. Once up close, you can take out the Armored Bokoblins with a weapon or use bomb arrows to quickly eliminate them from a distance.

Be aware that Armored Bokoblins are tougher to defeat than regular Bokoblins, so it may take a few hits to defeat them. Keep in mind that the tears are not a guaranteed drop, so it may take some trial and error to farm them successfully. However, with persistence, you can farm large quantities of Armored Bokoblin Tears in a short time.

These drops can be used to upgrade armor, specifically the Flamebreaker Armor, as well as in some armor sets that require them. With these tips in mind, head to the Gerudo Desert and take advantage of the Armored Bokoblin camps to efficiently farm for Armored Bokoblin Tears.


In conclusion, taking down an armored Bokoblin in Tears of the Kingdom requires more than just sheer strength and sword skills. It takes a strategic approach and knowledge of their weaknesses, such as utilizing the appropriate weapon and attacking their exposed backs. Just like in life, sometimes brute force isn’t enough, and a little bit of intelligence and resourcefulness can go a long way in overcoming our adversaries.

Now go forth and conquer those armored Bokoblins like the clever warrior you are!”


What weapons are effective in killing Armored Bokoblins?
Armored Bokoblins can be taken down with weapons such as the Royal Broadsword, Savage Lynel Sword, and Guardian Sword++.

How do Tears of the Kingdom factor into killing Armored Bokoblins?
Tears of the Kingdom are not necessary for killing Armored Bokoblins, but they can add extra power to your attacks.

What strategies can I use to avoid getting hit by an Armored Bokoblin?
You can dodge or parry their attacks, use the environment to your advantage, or utilize stealth to take them out from a distance.

Where can I find Tears of the Kingdom in Breath of the Wild?
Tears of the Kingdom can be found in certain chests, dropped by certain enemies, or obtained as a reward for completing certain quests or challenges.


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