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Mastering The Quirks: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Add Quirks in MLB The Show

Do you love playing MLB The Show, but feel like your players are missing that special something? Adding quirks can bring an extra level of personality and uniqueness to your players, making them stand out on the field. These quirks can range from simple actions, like adjusting their batting gloves, to intense emotional responses, such as pumping their fists in celebration after a big hit. With a wide range of options to choose from, adding quirks is a great way to personalize your players and enhance your gaming experience.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of adding quirks in MLB The Show and provide tips on how to effectively incorporate them into your gameplay. Let’s get started!

What are Quirks in MLB The Show?

If you’re a fan of MLB The Show, chances are you’ve heard of “quirks”. Quirks are a unique gameplay feature that can give players an edge on the field by boosting their stats in certain situations. For example, a player with the “Inside Edge” quirk may perform better against right-handed pitchers, while a player with the “Step Off” quirk may be better at catching runners stealing.

To add quirks to your player, you’ll need to meet certain requirements during gameplay, such as hitting a certain number of home runs or throwing a certain number of strikeouts. These requirements vary depending on the quirk, so be sure to check the specific requirements for each one. Once you’ve met the requirements, the quirk will be unlocked and will appear on your player’s profile.

Keep in mind that not all quirks are available to all players, so be sure to experiment with different players to find the ones that work best for your play style. With a little bit of practice and experimentation, you can become a master of quirks and dominate on the diamond!

Definition and Benefits

Quirks are unique abilities that players can acquire in MLB The Show, which are designed to provide an added advantage to certain players. These quirks can range from a boost in power against left-handed pitchers to an increase in acceleration when stealing bases. There are over 100 quirks available, and players can acquire them by completing specific challenges in-game or achieving certain stats.

The benefits of having quirks can be enormous, as they can allow players to perform better in crucial situations. For example, a hitter with the “Inside Edge” quirk will receive a ratings boost against a pitcher who is not performing well in real life games. Similarly, a pitcher with the “Groundball Pitcher” quirk will have a higher chance of inducing groundball outs.

By having quirks, players can add an extra layer of strategy to their gameplay, making them more effective on the field. Overall, quirks are an exciting feature in MLB The Show that can help players improve their performance and enhance their gameplay experience.

how to add quirks in mlb the show

How to Unlock and Add Quirks

MLB The Show features a unique set of abilities called “quirks” that can greatly influence the performance of your in-game players. Unlocking and adding quirks is essential in making your players stronger and more effective on the field. To add quirks in MLB The Show, you need to complete various tasks and meet specific requirements that are associated with each quirk.

For instance, to unlock the “Breaking Ball Master” quirk, you must throw a specific amount of curveballs and be able to accurately hit the corners of the strike zone. Additionally, you can earn quirks by performing well against particular players or winning certain awards. By experimenting with different quirks and understanding their benefits, you can create a unique squad of players that suit your playing style, giving you an edge over your opponents.

Mastering the art of unlocking and adding quirks requires patience and practice, but the results can be game-changing for your team. So give it a go, and let’s see what kind of quirked-up players you can create in MLB The Show!

Step-by-Step Instructions

Are you looking to add some fun to your game? Quirks are a great way to spice things up and make your gameplay more interesting. Luckily, unlocking and adding quirks is a simple process. First, you’ll need to reach level five and complete the introduction quest.

Once you’ve done that, head to the U.A. dormitory and locate the bulletin board.

Here, you can find a variety of missions that will reward you with quirk points. These points can then be used to unlock and upgrade quirks. Simply select the quirk you want to unlock or upgrade and use your points to purchase it.

You can also choose which quirks to equip before each mission. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different combinations! With a little practice, you’ll be able to master your quirks and dominate the competition. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start unlocking those quirks!

Top 10 Quirks in MLB The Show

If you’re a fan of MLB The Show, then you know that adding quirks can add a whole new level of fun to the game. But how do you do it? It’s actually quite easy. First, go to the player edit screen and select the player you want to add a quirk to.

Then, click on the “quirks” tab and choose the quirk you want to add from the list of available options. Some of the top 10 quirks in MLB The Show include “Opening Day,” which gives your player a boost on opening day, “Clutch,” which makes your player perform better in high-pressure situations, and “Bat Flip,” which adds a fun celebration after hitting a home run. Adding quirks can make the game feel more realistic and can help you bond with your favorite players.

So next time you’re playing MLB The Show, try adding a quirk or two and see how it changes the game for you!

Detailed Description and Stats

Baseball fans and gamers alike can attest that the MLB The Show franchise is a thrilling experience. And among the many aspects that make the game engaging are the creative quirks that leave players in stitches. From the way a player swings the bat to their unique home run celebrations, there are many stand-out quirks that are worth mentioning.

Some of the most hilarious quirks to watch out for in MLB The Show include the exaggerated crouch that some catchers adopt, the smooth glove flips by middle infielders, and the over-the-top pre-pitch stances of some batters. Another popular quirk among players is the way some pitchers celebrate when they get batters out by performing elaborate fist pumps or spinning around in excitement. Overall, the quirky animations in MLB The Show add a touch of humor and personality to the game, making it a must-play for anyone looking to have some fun with the sport.

Tips on Choosing the Right Quirks

If you’re an MLB The Show player, you know that choosing the right quirks can make all the difference in your game. Quirks are unique traits that enhance your player’s abilities, so selecting the best ones can drastically improve your gameplay. Here are the top 10 quirks to consider when building your player: Dead Red, Closing Pitcher, Ankle Brace, Fastball Sinker, Strike Artist, Control Artist, Unhittable, Heat Seeker, Breaking Ball Specialist, and Power Hitter.

Dead Red, for example, makes your player hit fastballs better, while Closing Pitcher enhances your ability to finish games successfully. Ankle Brace boosts your fielding capabilities, and Fastball Sinker strengthens your fastball pitches. Strike Artist is helpful if you rely on your precision pitching, and Control Artist helps improve your overall pitching control.

Unhittable makes it harder for batters to hit your pitches, while Heat Seeker improves your accuracy when aiming for the strike zone. Breaking Ball Specialist enhances the curveball, slider, and other types of breaking pitches, and Power Hitter improves your contact and power while batting. Selecting the quirks that align with your player’s strengths and play style can give you a competitive edge on the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you tired of playing straightforward games in MLB The Show? Do you want to add some quirkiness to your gameplay experience? Adding quirks in MLB The Show can enhance your game and make it more enjoyable. To start, select your player and click on the “Attribute” option. From there, choose the “Quirks” tab and scroll through the available options.

Choose a quirk that reflects how you want your player to perform, whether it be a flashy celebration or a unique batting style. Some quirks may require certain conditions to activate during gameplay, so make sure to read their descriptions carefully. You can also use training points to unlock additional quirks for your players.

Experiment with different quirks and see how they can change the way you play. By adding quirks, you can make your player stand out and bring some personality to your game. So why not give it a try in MLB The Show?

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In short, adding quirks in MLB The Show is all about getting creative and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Whether you’re dabbling in unique pitching deliveries or experimenting with funky batting stances, the key is to have fun and embrace your inner weirdness. So go ahead, let your freak flag fly and start adding some quirkiness to your MLB The Show experience.

After all, the game is always more interesting when you throw in a few curveballs.”


What are quirks in MLB The Show?
Quirks are unique player attributes and skills that can positively impact gameplay in MLB The Show.

How can I unlock quirks in MLB The Show?
Quirks can be unlocked by performing specific actions or meeting certain requirements with a player in the game.

Can I equip multiple quirks to a single player in MLB The Show?
Yes, players can equip up to three quirks at a time, depending on their attribute levels and the quirks they have unlocked.

Do quirks have any downsides or negative effects in MLB The Show?
While some quirks may have minor drawbacks, overall they are designed to provide a performance boost to players and improve the overall gameplay experience.

How do I know which quirks are best for my play style in MLB The Show?
Experiment with different quirks and pay attention to how they affect your player’s performance on the field. You can also check online guides and forums for recommendations and tips from experienced players.


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