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DJI Air 2S Drone: Unveiling the Power-Packed Features and Technical Specifications

As the demand for drones continues to soar, DJI, one of the biggest tech companies in the drone manufacturing industry, has responded by releasing their latest masterpiece, the DJI Air 2S Drone. This new release is an upgrade from its predecessor, the DJI Mavic Air 2, with improved features that are already sending shockwaves in the drone market. With a sleek design, advanced technology, and impressive specs, DJI Air 2S is definitely changing the game.

How does this drone stack up against its competition? What are the specs that make it stand out? Let’s take a closer look.

Camera and Video

If you’re looking for a high-quality drone with exceptional camera and video capabilities, then the DJI Air 2S is a perfect choice for you. One of the most standout features of this drone is its superior camera resolution, which is capable of capturing 4K video and 20-megapixel photos.

Not to mention, DJI Air 2S comes with a 1-inch sensor that offers a premium photography experience with better detail and more color accuracy. Additionally, its HDR feature ensures that light levels are well-balanced, resulting in superior images regardless of the shooting scene. The DJI Air 2S is also remarkable for its ability to shoot in RAW format and supports 10-bit Dlog-M color profile, making it easy to color-grade the footage.

Moreover, the drone boasts a 3-Axis gimbal system that aids in stabilizing the camera for crystal clear shots and video footage. In summary, if you’re interested in stunning aerial photography and videography, you’ll find the DJI Air 2S drone specs truly remarkable. With its high resolution, exceptional camera tech, and stabilization features, it’s a perfect choice for photographers and videographers alike.

1-inch CMOS sensor, 5.4K video, 20 MP photos

Looking for a camera that can help you capture stunning photos and videos with exceptional clarity? Look no further than the 1-inch CMOS sensor, 4K video, and 20 MP photo capabilities of our latest camera. With a high-quality sensor, this camera is designed for professional photographers and videographers who require outstanding image quality.

The impressive 4K video resolution takes the viewing experience to a whole new level, making it perfect for those who are looking to create top-notch videos that can be used for advertising, social media marketing, or even entertainment. The 20 MP photo capability is perfect for capturing detailed images, ensuring that every aspect of your subject is crisp and clear.

Whether you’re looking to take photos of landscapes, portraits, or anything in between, this camera has you covered. Overall, this camera is the perfect tool for anyone who is creative and wants to achieve high-quality results. So, why not try it out for yourself and start capturing life’s most beautiful moments today?

dji air 2s drone specs

MasterShots feature for cinematic shots

If you’re looking to capture stunning cinematic shots with your camera, you might want to give the MasterShots feature a try. This feature is available on certain cameras and allows you to choose from a variety of pre-set shooting modes for different types of shots. For example, you can choose “landscape” or “portrait” mode, depending on what you’re trying to capture.

The camera will then take a series of shots with different settings, adjusting things like exposure and focus, before blending them together to create a seamless, cinematic-looking shot. The best part is that you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to use this feature – it’s designed to be easy and intuitive. It’s a great way to experiment with your camera and push your creativity to new levels.

So why not give the MasterShots feature a try on your next shoot and see what kind of amazing shots you can capture?

Flight Performance

The DJI Air 2S drone specs are truly impressive. With its powerful camera and upgraded flight performance, this drone is a game-changer for all drone enthusiasts. Thanks to its 1-inch CMOS sensor and

4K video camera, the DJI Air 2S is capable of capturing stunning pictures and videos with vivid details and colors. Moreover, this drone can fly at a maximum speed of 45 mph and stay in the air for up to 31 minutes, making it one of the fastest and most long-lasting drones on the market.

The DJI Air 2S also boasts advanced obstacle avoidance sensors that can detect and avoid objects from up to 26 meters away, ensuring a safe flight at all times. Whether you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist, the DJI Air 2S drone specs are sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

So why not take your drone flying experience to the next level and invest in the DJI Air 2S?

3-axis gimbal, max speed of 42.5 mph

The Mavic Air 2 boasts impressive flight performance features that make it stand out from other consumer drones on the market. With a 3-axis gimbal, the drone provides smooth and stable footage, even in windy conditions, a feature that is particularly impressive given the Mavic Air 2’s max speed of 45 mph.

This means that users can capture stunning aerial footage, whether it’s a high-speed car chase or a sweeping landscape shot. The Mavic Air 2’s flight capabilities don’t stop there, however. It also features incredible obstacle avoidance technology, ensuring that the drone can maneuver around obstacles without losing control.

All of these performance features make the Mavic Air 2 an ideal choice for amateur and professional photographers alike, offering the perfect balance between powerful capabilities and user-friendly design.

Ocusync 3.0 for stable and long-distance transmission

Ocusync 0 is the latest technology that has revolutionized the way we fly drones. It ensures a stable and long-distance transmission of data, making it easier to control the drone from a long distance.

It is a significant improvement over the previous version, and it boasts a lot of exciting features. With a range of up to 15km, Ocusync 0 is a perfect solution for those who want to explore the world from a new perspective while maintaining a stable image transmission.

It provides a crystal clear view of the footage, even in difficult terrain or areas with a lot of interference. Additionally, it also has a low-latency rate, which helps in delivering high-quality footage in real-time. Overall, Ocusync

0 has significantly improved the flight performance of drones, making them more reliable and efficient.

Intelligent Features

One of the most impressive features of the DJI Air 2S drone is its array of intelligent capabilities that help users capture stunning aerial footage effortlessly. The drone is equipped with obstacle sensors on all sides, allowing it to detect obstacles in its flight path and avoid collisions automatically. It also features ActiveTrack

0 technology, making it possible to lock onto a moving subject and track them seamlessly. Additionally, the drone boasts an advanced HDR mode that captures more detail and dynamic range in every shot. The DJI Air 2S also has a MasterShots feature that automatically generates 10 different flight paths that follow a specific subject, allowing users to capture professional-grade footage without any prior experience.

These features, coupled with the drone’s impressive 1-inch CMOS sensor, 4K video, and 16 stops of dynamic range, make the DJI Air 2S one of the most sophisticated and user-friendly drones on the market today.

Advanced obstacle avoidance, ActiveTrack 4.0 for accurate tracking

Intelligent Features The DJI Mavic Air 2 offers advanced obstacle avoidance and ActiveTrack 0 for accurate tracking, two crucial intelligent features that make flying a breeze. With Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS)

0, the Mavic Air 2 can detect obstacles in three dimensions with greater accuracy and avoid collisions. The drone’s eight high-resolution sensors can detect obstacles up to 20 meters away, allowing for safe navigation in complex environments. Additionally, ActiveTrack

0 elevates the drone’s tracking capabilities, enabling it to follow subjects with precision, even if they move behind objects. This feature is a game-changer for aerial photography and videography, providing seamless tracking shots and smoother footage. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or a hobbyist, the DJI Mavic Air 2’s intelligent features make it easier than ever to capture stunning aerial footage.

Return to Home feature for added safety

With the rise of technology, our devices have become more intelligent and capable of assisting us in our everyday lives. One such feature that has become increasingly popular is the “return to home” feature, which can be found on various devices from drones to smart vacuum cleaners. This feature allows the device to autonomously return to its home location, providing added safety and convenience.

For example, with drones, the return to home feature is particularly useful as it ensures that the device will not crash or get lost, as it will automatically return to its starting point if it loses connection with the remote control or runs low on battery. Similarly, a smart vacuum cleaner can easily navigate around a home and automatically return to its docking station when finished cleaning. This intelligent feature is just one of the many ways our devices are becoming more helpful and efficient in our daily lives.

Pricing and Availability

The DJI Air 2S drone specs have been making waves in the drone industry recently, and for good reason. This high-quality camera drone boasts a 1-inch CMOS sensor capable of shooting 4K video at 30 frames per second or 4K at 60 frames per second.

It also features a 3-axis gimbal for smooth and stable footage and can fly for up to 31 minutes on a single charge. Additionally, the Air 2S has an impressive range of up to 12 kilometers and a top speed of 64 kilometers per hour.

But perhaps the most exciting thing about this drone is its affordability, with a starting price point of just $999 The DJI Air 2S drone is now available for purchase on the DJI website and select retailers, making it accessible to hobbyists and professionals alike.

Starting at $999, available now

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The DJI Air 2S drone is not just a flying machine, it’s a powerful tool that allows us to capture stunning aerial footage and unleash our creativity in new and exciting ways. With its impressive specs, including a 1-inch CMOS sensor, 4K video recording, and 31-minute flight time, this drone is sure to elevate any photography or videography project to a whole new level.

So whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the DJI Air 2S is a game-changer in the world of drones.”


What are the dimensions of the DJI Air 2S drone?
The DJI Air 2S drone has dimensions of 180×97×77 mm (folded) and 183×253×77 mm (unfolded).

What is the maximum flight time of the DJI Air 2S drone?
The DJI Air 2S drone has a maximum flight time of 31 minutes, under ideal conditions.

What is the maximum transmission distance of the DJI Air 2S drone?
The DJI Air 2S drone has a maximum transmission distance of 12 km (FCC) and 8 km (CE).

What is the camera sensor size of the DJI Air 2S drone?
The DJI Air 2S drone has a camera sensor size of 1 inch, which allows it to capture high-quality images and videos.

What is the maximum video resolution of the DJI Air 2S drone?
The DJI Air 2S drone can shoot 5.4K video at 30 frames per second, providing crystal-clear and detailed footage.

Does the DJI Air 2S drone have obstacle avoidance technology?
Yes, the DJI Air 2S drone has obstacle avoidance technology, with sensors at the front, bottom, and back, which helps to prevent collisions and damage during flights.


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